10 ways for nerds to stay productive during a lock-down

By April 5, 2020May 14th, 2020Mindset

The other day, one of my Facebook friends wrote a post about how he had a hard time staying focused because of the lock-down.

His habits were completely out of whack.

He would (usually) just stay in his sweatpants.

He didn’t work out.

And his productivity level and motivation was close to zero.

Everything, completely natural (especially during the current lock-down).

As such, today, I’ve graciously decided to share ten tips on how you can stay laser-focused and productive… even if a lock-down’s got ya’ by the throat.

Okay, Sparky, let’s take a look:

The following is my current personal checklist I’m using to stay productive.

Quick note: None of these ten tips you’re about to learn are particularly “sexy.” Not even one! Your first instinct is probably to blurt out “common sense! Everybody knows this!” And, yes, these are indeed “common sense,” my loudmouthed sassy friend. Yet, I know for a fact that these few simple habits are the secret to preparing your day to become laser-focused, in my humble but very accurate opinion. Besides, be brutally honest: How many of these do you do consistently? Not only when you simply feel good. But every… single… day?

With that said, let’s go through the ten tips:

  1. Wake up at the same time every day
  2. Make your bed the second you get up
  3. Take care of business in the bathroom… Splash some cold water in your face to wake up… Brush your teeth.
  4. Meditate for 10 minutes… or… do 3 rounds of Wim Hof breathing exercises
  5. Chuck down a big glass of water and put on some comfortable workout clothes
  6. Either walk for 30-40 minutes… or… do some kind of bodyweight workout to get the blood flowing
  7. Eat breakfast. Plus: Liquid fish oil + vitamins
  8. Shower (preferably a cold shower to finish it off)
  9. Fresh clothes (i.e., NOT sweatpants)
  10. Sit down and write your daily email

The last tip is — in my humble but accurate opinion — crucial to implement in your business unless you hate to make money.

But, there’s always one challenge and/or resistance people have:

Coming up with interesting things to write about.

Easiest way to overcome this is through “Infotainment.”

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It’s a beautiful art form.

You combine entertainment with information that can actually help change people’s lives.

Once you master this skill (and yes, it is a skill you can easily learn), you never have to worry about writer’s block.

And you never have to worry about being spammy… or… sounding salesy in your emails.

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