“How Kristian Thaulow Went From Clueless Business Owner to Helping Experts & Client Businesses Double Their Sales”

Hi, I’m Kristian Thaulow

I started this site to show business owners how to use deep psychology to increase their sales. Not that rah-rah, overused, Psychology of Persuasion stuff, which is great but totally separate from what I’m about to show you… My goal is to help you “Be More” so your business can “Become Great.” But, I need to give you some context on how I got here before we dive into the secret sauce.

In 2014, I was responsible for the sales and email marketing for the Danish branch of the world’s largest private education firm. They made millions of dollars over and over because of my work.

I was good at what I did. But I didn’t love it.

That’s when I left my corporate sales job to start my first business as a personal trainer. I had the results already, so I thought, “Pssh. I got this in the bag.

Nope! I was wrong. Oops.

Having a 100k+ marketing budget vs. being a business owner with scraps was like fighting a lion with a fork. You’re so excited to get in the ring, but then you realize the lion shoots lasers from his fangs…

Not a fun time.

Being an employee and an entrepreneur are 2 different worlds. And as most of you know, entrepreneurship has no mercy. She’ll smack you in the face the second she senses weakness. I had to learn this entrepreneurship stuff fast or go crawling back for my old job.

The local bar encounter that changed everything

On a night of pure luck, I ran into an old buddy at a local bar who I found out also had a business. And, this is going to sound more cliche than stoned hippies talking about fate and the meaning of life, but that meeting changed my life.

This guy ALSO used emails to sell his products.

But, instead of the usual spiel with the blatant corporate sales pitch (like I did), he focused on telling stories. Come on, stories? That’s your secret? I was knee-deep in the black and white corporate mindset that I never stopped to think that stories would work.

He pulled out his phone and showed me some of the replies his readers had sent him. They *loved* his emails — even when he was selling them something! He wasn’t spammy or salesy. He was just telling stories.

I HAD to learn how to do this.

I bought every book I could find about psychology, sales, and marketing. Keep in mind, I had already done face-to-face sales for 20+ years, but I needed to understand how to sell online.

Long story short:

I went to Google and entered the glorious search term: “How to Write a Sales Letter.

The “mysterious” copywriting method I discovered from one of the old-school greats

I stumbled on the late and GREAT, Gary Halbert. He talked about the power of writing out sales letters by hand. Huh? Who even does that?! Well, according to Gary, it would create an internal, deeply rooted “cellular” knowledge of the process of how to write a sales letter.

So I did that… for 90 days straight!

Not going to lie… It was a pain in the proverbial butt to learn. However, it gave me a rock-solid foundation on how to use words that sell. And, I noticed a common thread between some of the best old school sales letters:

They told stories.

Sound familiar?

So I started to experiment with merging stories from my personal life with the information I wanted to give my readers. Long story short: People were *finally* buying my stuff.

Not only that: They were reading my emails without being butt-hurt over that I was trying to sell them something. In fact, they enjoyed the emails I sent them!

Some of my friends asked if I could show them how to do what I did. So, I began helping some of them with their email marketing. I didn’t really believe it would work. Because maybe what I did was just a fluke… or… maybe it only worked in my market… or… maybe it was my brash personality.

It not only worked… it worked like gangbusters right out of the gate and in every niche we tested it in.

“Bro! Your emails are killing it. I'm gonna shamelessly "swipe" your emails! (Not copy-and-paste of course)... Thanks for sharing the secret sauce and giving real-life examples of how to use them. I've sent out 2 emails using your style and bam, already filled up my calendar for the week. Thanks, Kristian!”

Jay Magpantay, MBA: Bestselling Author of The Write Way to Sellwww.JayMagpantay.com

Fast forward:

Today, I’d like to show you what I’ve learned about sales, marketing, and copywriting over the past 20+ years. My goal is to help you leapfrog your way ahead of your competitors and 2x or (potentially) 5x your sales.

I call this method:

“Instant Infotainment”

With Instant Infotainment, I can now crank out a sales email in less than 29 minutes. Not only to sell my products but also to give my readers excellent information they love to read… even if I’m selling a product!

If you want to learn how to double your sales with “Infotainment,” I’ve got a free training that will show you how to do this.

It’s called:

How to 2x your sales by using a little-known old-school tv magazine principle in your email marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A $2 Billion Secret: How Top Businesses Craft Mouthwatering Sales Emails That People Love to Read
  • How to Write Stories So Compelling They Immediately Draw Customers in — Even if You’re Not a “Natural” Writer
  • How to Craft an Irresistible and Highly Converting Sales Email in Less Than 29 Minutes
  • And much more…

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Kristian Thaulow

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