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If you lead a team inside your business, here are 5 typical problems + solutions that will help you free up your time, energy, and focus… and ultimately, grow your business without working more hours.​

As a busy business owner, you already know that every new level of growth comes with new problems and challenges.​

But as the saying goes, “Common knowledge ain’t common practice, son.​”

So let’s go through five problems that most business owners/executives/leaders struggle with and how to solve them. Which one of these five do you struggle with the most?

Note: This is a long, MEATY post.


Solving problems that your team should be able to easily solve. ​


Decentralized Command and Commander’s Intent:​

a) WHAT (Defining the activity)​

b) WHY (Explaining how it serves your greater strategic mission)​

And the 3rd, critical piece: Letting your team come up with the HOW (i.e., the solution) on their own. You should obviously guide and coach them along the way, but the actual solution should be up to your team.​

Just understand that they’re probably gonna screw things up. Things will break. Things will flop. Things will be ugly. And that’s okay. But it is crucial that you do not jump in to save your team unless your business burns to the ground if you don’t interfere.

ACTION STEP: Practice using your Commander’s Intent by only providing your team the WHAT + WHY during your next meeting.​


Results not matching your hard work.​


Working hard is never the problem. That’s easy. But working hard on (1) the right things and (2) in the proper sequence takes introspection and reflection.​

To solve this, you have to define the 3 key levers that’ll move the needle the most. That means you must create a quiet space that allows you to pinpoint exactly what you MUST inject momentum into. Otherwise, you might work hard, but the actual direction of your work is off.​

You don’t get any prices for working hard.​

You get compensated based on your ability to produce results.​

ACTION STEP: Make a list of the activities you want to make moves on. It doesn’t have to be urgent stuff. Just make a list. ​

After you’ve made your list, spread that list out over the course of the week w/ a maximum of THREE (3) activities per day. And yes, ONLY three. Not four, not six… Three.​

You will be amazed at your ability to increase your production by narrowing your focus down to just 3 key activities for the day.


Unhealthy, low-energy, and fat.​


Your body is a high-powered, high-maintenance machine. It’s built to move, sprint, and lift things. But what is the most efficient path to physical high performance?​

You need to think of yourself as an athlete. You are not just a “CEO.” You are a CEO Athlete.​

Back when I did some work with athletes, we went through 4 different “layers” to optimize and maximize their performance. I call this the “Performance Pyramid.”

ACTION STEP: Ask yourself, and be brutally honest: How much work have you done inside each of the four layers monthly/weekly/daily over the past 6 months? Use your answer as the barometer to start making the necessary optimization to increase your performance and production.​


Spending so much time working inside your business that your partner feels more like a roommate.​


Think back to how you were when you first met your wife or husband. How did you behave? What did you say? What did you do?​

Be brutally honest: Do you still act the same way? Probably not. A great relationship takes work, and the courtship NEVER ends.

ACTION STEP: Plan a surprise date night with no kids, phones, or other distractions.​


Not enough time.​


You have to shift your focus from “time management” to “energy management.” Without energy, no matter how much time you have available, time is always going to be insignificant…​

Imagine spending 1 hour with your wife or kids, but you have zero energy to be present with them. How would that feel? Yeah, you already know the answer.​

Bottom line: Energy, not time, is the real indicator of quality in any area of your life.​

ACTION STEP: Write down three (3) ways you could easily increase your energy level within the next 7 days.

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