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Most business owners can relate to never having enough time.

And how we decide to invest our time and energy is also a sign of what we tolerate. But… it’s also a symptom of something else.​

Whenever we feel we don’t have enough time, it’s usually a sign that we haven’t honored the “Knowledge Gap” (the gap between what we would like to know VS. what we actually know).​

Most business owners usually try to solve this problem by giving their team(s) more detailed information… <– This? This is a big reason why business owners struggle with not having enough time.​ ​

The solution is never to give MORE information.​

The solution is actually LESS information.

You have to focus on what I call “Compelling Communication.

It’s simple. It’s information that’s limited to (1) defining and (2) communicating your Commander’s Intent.​

Which means: You give your team the WHAT + WHY of what you’d like them to take action on.

The HOW (aka. your Actions), leave that up to your team to figure out. Of course, you’ll guide them along the way. But, just be okay with things breaking in the beginning and give your team guidance and perspective on how to solve the HOW better and faster next time…​

This is super counterintuitive for most people…​

But it will also free up more time for you to focus on $10.000 decisions instead of $1.000 decisions.​