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“Management is focusing on getting someone to get a result. Leadership is producing a standard in someone that when you’re gone, they will live by to produce higher level results consistently.” – TONY ROBBINS

Here’s the deal.

Everything in your business, life, health, and relationship is the average of the standards you tolerate.

For example, not having enough time is a common theme among the types of people I love working with.

But here’s the truth:

How you invest your time and energy is also a sign of what you tolerate. But it is also a symptom of something else.

As a business owner or a leader, feeling like you never have time is most likely because you haven’t honored the “Knowledge Gap.”

It’s basically the gap between (a) your Outcomes & (b) your Plans. It’s what you would like to know VS. what you actually know.

Most business owners usually try to solve this problem by giving their team more detailed information… <– This? This is a big reason business owners struggle with time.

  • The solution is not to give MORE information.
  • The solution is to give LESS information.


You gotta focus on crystal clear communication that’s limited to…

  1. defining your Commander’s Intent, and…
  2. communicating that intent in the simplest way possible

It’s the WHAT + WHY of your plan. The actual HOW is something you leave up to your team to figure out. Of course, you’ll guide and coach them along the way. But, be okay with things breaking in the beginning and give your team guidance and perspective to solve the HOW.

It’s counterintuitive, 100%…

But it will also free up more time for you to focus on $100.000 decisions instead of $5.000 decisions.