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How do you create exponential growth inside your business and become an effective leader?

^^ Both of these require Confidence & Conviction in your abilities as a high-achieving business owner.​

I thought about this a couple of weeks ago when driving my GF home on a Friday night. Because all the bars closed early, there were drunk people roaming the streets like braindead zombies from the walking dead. I didn’t really wanna bother with those people so I decided to drive home via a different route.​

Similar to your business.​

Whenever we don’t feel confident (as a business owner, a leader, or as a man), it’s easy to feel like we’re stuck. ​

You’re most likely not “stuck.” But what is crucial is that you keep pushing forward while looking for different “routes” to achieve the same outcome.​

For example:​

>> A shift in strategy​
>> A change in perspective​
>> A tactical shift​
>> A mental shift​
>> Etc.

Lack of confidence is usually a sign of a lack of clarity. So whenever you feel those thoughts pop up, make it your mission to search for absolute clarity on your [WHAT] + [WHY] + [HOW].​

  • WHAT needs to happen​
  • WHY it needs to happen (i.e., how it serves your overall strategic mission)​
  • HOW it needs to be executed​

Do this and you WILL feel a change in your self-confidence.​