How to get huge engagement on your posts (without even trying)

Behold this wise observation from one smart reader:

“I love that people are complaining that your posts don’t work, and then there’s huge engagement from lovers/haters on your posts. :D”

Apparently yes.

It was pretty funny, too.

Although, in this particular case, I might’ve unleashed a little too much of “Kristian Thaulow” upon people with that post.

Long story short:

Yesterday, I wrote a post about some sales and marketing concepts I’ve learned and used during these past 20+ years. The post had some great ideas and tips. And, I sprinkled in some of my (albeit politically incorrect) humor. I thought it was pretty hilarious. You know, having lived the life I’ve lived, I learned not to take things too seriously. But rather take everything that happens to me with a smile and a laugh even if people try to piss me off intentionally.

Anyway, this particular post really set some people off because of a joke I made.

Some other stuff too, but it was primarily the joke that people didn’t enjoy.

Sure, it probably was a little over the top, but funny none the less.

I didn’t write the post to intentionally piss people off.

But, some people loved it… and… others called me a jerk (among other things).

It’s a shame.

Because instead of focusing on the underlying lesson I shared in the post, they focused on how much of a jerk they felt I was.

And here’s where the lesson comes in.

No matter what you say, what you do, there will always be people that will find a way to dislike you, whether it was your goal or not. Especially when you start your own business. Your friends, family, people you don’t know will have an opinion about what you’re doing.

Instead of letting their negativity, beliefs, or way of life affect your goals and dreams, focus on the people who love what you do.

They might not be the loudest majority.

But they still love what you’re doing.

And if you’ve started your own business and have a skill that can help people change their lives (business or personal lives) for the better, you have a moral obligation to share your knowledge with people around you.

Here’s my point:

Focus on being you. Be your genuine self. You should never hide who you really are because you’re afraid of what people might say or think.

For example, in my case, because I simply owned who I am without making a big fuss about it, I automatically attracted the people who like my style, humor, and personality… and… thus, repelled the people who would never be a good fit for what I do.

And as my smart reader pointed out:

This approach seems to create “huge engagement” on your post once you say what you mean and mean what you say.

As Elbert Hubaard said:

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing.”

– Elbert Hubbard
“American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher.”

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