How to get more sales with a memorable product name

By May 12, 2020Marketing

Today, I want to share something completely different with you.

At least from what I’m usually sharing on this here newsletter.

Specifically, how you can (potentially) increase your conversions with some sneaky psychology when naming your products.

Some context:

A month (or two) ago, I offered people to join my copywriting and marketing coaching program “Instant Infotainment” for the first time.

Let’s talk about the name…

Did I just pick that name at random?


I actually played around with the idea, Infotainment Mastery (shit name, btw).

So why did I pick Instant Infotainment over the Infotainment Mastery?

Can you guess?

Notice how Instant Infotainment kinda rolls off the tongue. It *sounds* better, right? In some ways, it even looks better.

Another amazing example of a great *sounding* brand name is “Coca Cola.” That name is simply silky smooth perfection. Say what you want about the product, brand, or whatever, but the name is downright amazing. Let’s be honest, which name is more memorable: Pepsi or Coca Cola? Again, we’re not talking about which brand has the best taste, branding, etc. We’re only talking about how the name SOUNDS.

Anyway, here’s what I wanted to share with you today:

If you’ve got a product — or plan on launching a new product — how you decide to name it can have a profound effect on people’s perception of your product.

Eben Pagan (of Double Your Dating fame) actually has a great video on how to create a memorable brand (or product) name.

In fact, it’s because of this video that I got the idea for my Instant Infotainment program.

Here’s the link to the video if you’re curious.

On a different note:

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