How to grow your business while others are engulfed in panic

By April 11, 2020Mindset

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

― Warren Buffett
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway


You’ve probably noticed all the attention the upcoming recession is getting.

Doom and gloom all over the place.

I know people who are more nervous than the average awkward teenage dude trying to ask the head cheerleader out for a date.

So I thought it would be fun to look at some examples of successful businesses that were actually started during a recession to inject some positive inspiration into all this negativity:

Here are 10 examples of successful businesses that launched during a recession:

1. General Motors: Founded in 1908

2. IBM: Founded in 1911

3. Disney: Founded in 1929

4. HP: Founded in 1939

5. FedEx: Founded in 1971

6. Microsoft: Founded in 1975

7. Groupon: Founded in 2008

8. WhatsApp: Founded in 2009

9. Uber: Founded in 2009

10. Instagram: Founded in 2010

Here’s my point for showing you all this:

Everything in life is about mindset.

How you decide to react to things that happen to you.

Do you decide to worry?

Do you decide to take action?

Or do you decide to do… nothing? Yes, doing nothing is indeed also a choice, my little fledgling.

There are plenty of people doing nothing but complaining about… well… everything. However, some people decided to start a new business (like the 10 examples you just saw). Others are panicking. And others decided to learn a new set of skills to take their business to the next level.

It’s the classic investment strategy:

You buy when everybody else is selling.

In other words: You focus on growth while others are in a panic.

For example:

In my very biased opinion, learning how to write simple, fun emails to sell your products is the *perfect* use of your time.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in my email coaching program for experts and client businesses.

You’ll learn exactly what to say… how to say it… and when to say it to 2x the sales in your business.

Even if you’re not a “natural” writer.

And even if you don’t have a big email list.

It’s all about persuasive communication. And it’s something everybody can learn… even you.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you will double your sales during a recession. It all depends on your work ethic, your offer, and your market.

But, if you already have sales coming in, I can show you how to get even more.

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