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Yesterday I turned on a tv-show where two experts help people who are financially F’ed turn their financial situation around for the better.

But here’s what’s crazy:

Most of these people do not want to be helped.

You’ve got these people who’ve ASKED for help. They KNOW they have a huge problem they need to fix. But when they actually get the help they need, they resist it with every fiber of their body.


(1) they’re faced with the brutal reality and magnitude of their choices, (2) they have to accept the fact they’ve been lying to themselves, (3) their Ego is working in overdrive to justify their shitty decisions.

Just like when you’re leading your team, you have to keep your Ego in check. And if your team is not performing to the maximum of their ability… that’s not their fault, that is your fault.

You might actually not believe / feel that your Ego is holding you back. It takes courage AND brutal honesty to accept this. But once you do, there’s literally no cap to how much potential you can unlock within yourself, your team, and the results of your business. 🔥

If you feel attacked by this post… GOOD. It means you’ve got the opportunity to become BETTER. Question is: Are you going to accept that challenge?