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This is for the people who feel like they’re in a slump:

As I’m writing this, I just got off the phone with a client who had some confidence issues because of a new venture he wants to go after. He was unsure whether it would be a smart move or not, simply because he’d never done it before. But he knew he needed to change something because he felt he’d hit this invisible glass ceiling that he could push through…

So I gave him an analogy to help him push through this mental barrier.

Imagine you want to deadlift 220 lbs (if you never tried deadlifting, it’s essentially just lifting a weight from the floor. Stick with me because it’s gonna make sense in a sec).

Then imagine you can lift these 220 lbs five times, fairly easily.

But, 6 months ago you could only lift the same amount of weight 1 time.

What changed?

It wasn’t the weight. It was you.

  • YOU changed…
  • YOU became stronger…
  • YOU adapted to outside circumstances…

How come you were able to do this?

It’s a simple formula:

GROWTH = Reps + Time

It’s all about the # of repetitions over time.

Again, the weight never changed, but your circumstances did.

And that’s the thing:

Circumstances may or may not change.

In fact, the more successful you become, the complexity and sophistication of your problems increase exponentially. But YOU are able to change. You are able to grow stronger, both mentally, spiritually, physically, etc.

But it does require that you invest the time and the repetitions into doing things you might not enjoy.

Here’s the bottom line:

You can either accept your current circumstances… OR… you can grow stronger and turn your current circumstances into new growth opportunities.

And if you feel like you’re in a “slump,” it’s usually a sign from your nervous system that you need to change something.

So if you’re tired of feeling like you’re in a slump, or you’ve hit a plateau, let’s talk.

  1. Maybe you’re at a place where you don’t know how to overcome this on your own…
  2. Maybe you just want to get beyond your next level faster…
  3. Or maybe you just wanna follow a proven system and get guidance from someone who’s actually done it…

Either way, let’s schedule a time to talk, and let’s see how we can make this happen for you.

Here’s the link to my personal calendar if you’re curious >>