How to turn hostile haters into more (easy) sales

Ahh, yes… haters.


People who spend all their time roaming social media looking for their next victim to unleash their fury upon.

Don’t you just love ’em?

I definitely do!

Because they make it so easy to create new content… and… most importantly:

Make more easy sales!

Let me show you how to profit from angry haters and create even more loyal customers from your biggest fans.


How to use vicious comments… angry emails… even YouTube videos focused on tearing you a new one and turn all that into more sales for your business.

Last year, I got an email from one of my readers.

(Not going to copy/paste it here because it’s written in Danish).

She was furious.

The gist of it was that she felt so offended about something I wrote the day before.

Which, automatically, makes me clap my hands and invite my friends over for popcorn to laugh hysterically at the stupidity of these people.

Let me show you how I used that hate email to get more applications for my coaching program.

It’s dead-simple.

But it’s not particularly sexy, yet it generated appointments!

The second I saw her… well… “positive” email, I thought that it would make a great sales email to my email list.

Here’s what I did in two steps.

You can do the exact same thing with all your haters:

  1. Copy/paste their entire email into your email broadcast
  2. And finally, tie the hate mail together with your product or service

Basically, I started the email off by telling a story about how I used to be very judgmental about others.

And then I explained how that limiting belief actually prevented me from reaching my goals… just like this particular hater.

Because of her limiting beliefs, she completely missed the potentially life-changing information I gave her… FOR FREE… in the original email.

But instead, she decided to focus on my brass personality instead of the value of the information.

So, unfortunately, nothing’s really going to change for her.

She’s probably still going to be at the exact same place in life as she’s always been.

Simply because she decided to become offended instead of using the information that could change her life.

Short story long:

I love haters because it means I’m doing something right.

It means I’m polarizing.

And polarizing means sales.

Bottom line:

Don’t be afraid of your haters. If you have a great product, a great message, and you’re able to change people’s lives… you have a moral obligation to get your message out to the world.

If that means you have ruffle up a few feathers and make some haters along the way…

AWESOME, you’re doing something right.

Plus, the people who actually resonate with you will actually like you even more.

On a different note:

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