I really hope I offend someone with this post

Recently, I read a post from a * hugely* respected and *very* successful guy on Facebook, which totally warped my fragile little mind.

Especially the very first line:

“I hope I don’t offend anyone with this post.”

Look, I might just be a total arse (which I am), but this is a complete B.S. way of writing any form of content.

Let me explain:

Now, this dude is, in fact, very respected. He’s also very good at what he does and probably way more successful than me. And this kind of verbiage might resonate with his audience. I get that.

But, my problem with this kind of… let’s say mindset… in general, is that it is a very timid way of doing business.

Or simply doing life in general.

Here’s what I mean:

If you want to say something… you should OWN it.

If you want to do something… you should OWN it.

Don’t apologize for having a certain opinion.

You should never say, think, or do anything unless you’re willing to back that stuff up.

Otherwise, you shouldn’t say it, period.

Personally, if I had written a post like that, I would have started the post by saying:

“I really hope that I’m going to offend someone with this post.”


Well, for two reasons: (1) I think it’s funny to see people get totally butt-hurt and emotional instead of understanding the underlying lesson of what I’m writing. And, (2) if I’m writing content that gets people talking (i.e., people either hating my guts or loving me), I’m doing everyone a favor.

Let me explain:

I’ve seen and know a lot of people who are afraid of being their genuine self.

But, they’re not doing anybody any favors by hiding behind “political correctness” or a lack of confidence.

For example:

I’m not the nicest guy around here. I’m brash. And I like to make fun of people.

But, I’m also kind, supportive, and my #1 goal in life is to help people succeed.

And I’m unapologetic about all this.

Some people love my style.

Other people dislike it.

And that’s totally fine.

Because by doing this, I’m being polarizing. You have an opinion about me. You either love me or you hate me. And once you have an opinion, I’m able to influence you.

Here’s the thing:

If nobody cares about you. If nobody cares about your business or your product. You can’t make a difference in their lives. (Which is the entire reason you should be in business in the first place.)

The goal isn’t necessarily to make people despise you (or, you could, if you wanted).

The goal is to be polarizing.

You want people to start talking.

You want people to notice what you’re doing.

And that’s not going to happen if you cover everything up in political correctness.

Or if you hide away your true opinions and look on life.

For example, a simple way to own and show your genuine self is through Infotainment in all your marketing.

Once you use Infotainment (merging information with entertainment), you automatically show people who you really are.

Which makes it easier for you to create content.

It *repels* the people who are not a good fit for your business.

And it *attracts* the best types of clients and customers.

Of course, there are some mindset tweaks you need to make to make this unapologetic style work for you.

You shouldn’t copy me or anybody else.

You should be *you.*

However, you learn more about this, and more, in the free online training, I’ve put together.

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