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  • “How to Use Old-School Mad Men Methods to Craft Headlines That Will Create a Surge of Eager-to-Buy Clients in Any Type of Business” – Read the press release


I’m sometimes available for website/podcast interviews.

To book an interview for your podcast, click here to contact me.

Also, one more thing:

I don’t like turning interviews down.

But I don’t like wasting time, either.

So in your email, please tell me the topic you want me to talk about, how you plan to use it and some details about your audience (how big is it, what do they most want to learn about, etc.)

Some topics I’m able to talk about:

  • Copywriting & Marketing: How to write a simple email in less than 3 minutes that will generate sales with great customers
  • Leadership: How to influence your clients, your team, your spouse to take a specific action you would like them to take
  • Negotiation: How to negotiate any deal like an FBI hostage negotiator
  • Health: How to optimize your health for maximum performance
  • And much more…

If you’re interested and think I might be able to provide value to your audience, click here to contact me and let’s set something up.

Kristian Thaulow