Michael Jordan’s straight-up business advice from the basketball court

By May 19, 2020Marketing

So I’ve been watching the new Michael Jordan documentary (The Last Dance) on Netflix these past few weeks.

And holy pseudonym…

… this is an amazing documentary.

Especially one quote from Michael Jordan reeeeally stood out to me:

“I set examples. If it inspires you, great, I will continue to do that. If it doesn’t, then maybe I’m not the person you should be following.” — Michael Jordan

This quote applies just as much to your business as it does on the basketball court.

It seems like common sense, but as it is with most things, it ain’t common practice. The whole mindset of “if you don’t like what I do, great, I’m not the person you should be following.” Most people focus on appealing to everybody under the sun. But what they should do is to apply only to the RIGHT people. Like MJ says, if what I do inspires you, great. And if not, that’s totally fine, too.

The essence of this is two things:

(1) Understand exactly WHO’S a perfect fit for your product and (2) exactly who’s NOT a good fit.

And here’s the thing:

You should be unapologetic about this.

Never apologize for telling people that your product is not a good fit.

I’ve done this dozens and dozens of times over the years.

I’ve even had a woman cry on me because I told her my program wasn’t a good fit.

On the one hand, it didn’t feel great that she got so upset. But on the other hand, had she joined the program, she wouldn’t have gotten the results she wanted… AND… deserved.

Plain and simple.

And this critical mindset and communication strategy is actually built into my Instant Infotainment method by default.

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