Slaying the tactic seeking FakeBook guru

By April 14, 2020April 16th, 2020Leadership, Marketing

“In magic, today as always, the effect is what counts. The method or methods used are always purely secondary.”

—Dai Vernon, a.k.a. The Professor
Legendary magician and godfather of many classic illusions

Why do I begin this post with a quote from a magician?

1) I used to work as a professional magician (not a joke)

2) There is much business knowledge you can pull from these 19 words of wisdom

Let’s translate this exact quote and use it in a business sense:

“In business, today as always, the end result is what counts. The tactic or tactics used are always purely secondary.”

Let’s dissect this so you can implement this concept into *your* business:

No matter what you sell… no matter who you serve… no matter what your reason for being in business is… your overarching strategy should always be your main concern before you invest any time or money into a new tactic. Your strategy should be your Northstar that guides your every decision.

Your decisions should never be based solely on any particular tactic.

Some examples of tactics:

Facebook ads… Funnels… Design… Webinars…. The words you say during a sales call… Business cards… shirts with print… seminars… public speaking… etc.

These are all great.

But, without a solid strategy as your business foundation, all those things won’t do a damn thing to your bottom line. Even though the FakeBook gooboos ( “gurus”) and newbies try to convince you otherwise.

Let me give you an example:

A strategy I’ve *always* admired is Amazon’s first leadership principle:

“Customer obsession.”

Every decision Amazon makes always has their customer’s needs at the center of their world. If a new idea does not serve its customers, even though they might make a proverbial truckload of money, they will not implement this idea. It’s not a pointless tactic that’s guiding their decisions. It’s an overarching strategy and a powerful mindset that controls what they do.

Of course, there are many intricate details and nuances when it comes to formulating a successful strategy.

But this should give you a general idea.

A different example:

Let’s imagine you have a coaching or a client business. Your strategy is to become the #1 most trusted coach in your particular market. And your goal is to generate more new clients. Now, at this point, you’ve got hundreds if not thousands of different tactics you can use to earn trust in your market. (Think back to the different examples of tactics we spoke about before.)

The point is, one or more tactics might fail with helping you reach your goal.

So, because of that, you decide to abandon that particular tactic.

But, your overarching strategy (becoming the #1 most trusted coach) is still unchanged.

This is why I love Infotainment as both a Strategy and a Tactic.

It’s a strategy because the crux of Infotainment is to…

Deliver value+entertainment.

You’re not simply blasting people with offers… or… you’re not just giving people boring facts and how-tos.


Your strategy is to serve people in a way that makes people pay attention. And, most important: Help them to take action. Whether that action is them getting success with your free stuff… or… getting them to buy your products or services.

On a tactical level, Infotainment is a skill you can learn.

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