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That is why I encourage you to really take your time on this page. Watch the videos. Read the testimonials. The amazing folks who are on this page are REAL PEOPLE, just like you. They had worries, obstacles, challenges, haters – all of the issues that any person who wants to be truly successful will have. But they overcame. And you can too!

How it works





Four months into this new business, we’re doing $15k /mo and growing. The numbers speak for themselves, but the mental aspect and the confidence, I can’t even put a price tag on that.

Jay Magpantay

CEO, AuthorJump

Working with Kristian has significantly increased my mental and physical energy, clarity, and personal power as a leader. The business has more than doubled, and we went from 15 full-time staff to almost 30 people on the team in 12 months.

Thomas Baernholdt

CEO, Baernholdt ApS

A quick overview of the process

01. Energy Effect

Energy, not time, is the true foundation of peak performance. If you don’t have energy, it’s impossible to show up at your best and make good decisions. You’ll learn how to easily find and execute on the few key levers that will maximize your time, energy, and focus to quickly generate momentum in your life & business.

02. Behavioral Optimization

The biggest obstacle that stands between you and your most ambitious goals is the person you already are. It is your habits, routines, beliefs, values, and invisible narratives. To overcome this, we use a systematic process to create an “Exceptional You” who is able to achieve your most ambitious goals faster.

03. Performance Planning

Being busy doesn’t mean we’re productive on the right things. To grow a healthy business, you have to transform your focus into the sharpest tip of a spear. Performance Planning is NOT traditional time management. It is performance-based planning based on “who you are” and not “what you have to do” so you can get more done with less.

04. Momentum Multiplier

Being a high-performer, staying positive, and becoming motivated is easy over a few days or a few weeks. The real challenge is sustaining your results, discipline, and focus over the long term. In this 4th pillar, we’ll create a growth map that will help you create exponential expansion inside the 4 Dimensions of your life (Power, Performance, Passion & Profit) in the next 12 months.