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If you’ve ever been caught inside an endless loop of procrastination, let’s fix that today. ​

In fact, there are generally only 3 reasons why people procrastinate. And, look, it happens to everyone (maybe not Elon Musk, lol), so don’t feel bad about yourself. You’re not lazy just because you procrastinate once in a while.​

So what are those three reasons?​

  1. Clarity​
  2. Confidence​
  3. Fear

Let’s go through each of them, and I’ll give you examples along the way:​


If you don’t know what you should spend your time on, that’s a massive source of procrastination.​

Most ppl think they know what they should do, but once you dig a little, they actually only have a vague idea — if any at all. ​

On the other hand, it’s impossible NOT to become more productive when you (a) know what to do, (b) know why it’s important, (c) have a clearly defined deadline.​


If you constantly put things off and not honoring your word, bad news… your beliefs about yourself start to shift into a negative feedback loop.​

You have to engrain into your belief system that you are a person who does the things you commit to. If you don’t do this right now, ​ you have to focus on building deep, internal confidence.​

The easiest “tactic,” if you will, to build unshakable confidence, is by doing things you don’t like.​

  • Don’t like drinking water? Good. Start drinking water.
  • Don’t like running? Good. Start running.​
  • Don’t like eating healthy foods? Good. Start eating healthy foods.​

The point is:

There’s no secret “hack” to this. Confidence builds over time. And by honoring your word to yourself, and especially doing things you don’t like, your confidence and belief in yourself grow exponentially.​


If your daily actions scare you, you’re either (1) lacking the skills to achieve your goal… or… (2) it’s subconscious fears that are getting in your way.​

Whatever the case is, you should focus on developing your “Exceptional You,” who’s able to effortlessly achieve your goals. You have to train your mind to make decisions based on vision and not convenience.​​

The formula is always: “Be” –> “Do” –> “Have”

It’s impossible for the current version of you to achieve your goals. Otherwise, you’d already have’em. You have to transform into the type of person who’s (1) capable & (2) deserving of the goals you set for yourself.​

Alright, so those are the 3 reasons.​

If you feel like you’re procrastinating, you have to systematically attack the problem. Try to identify the primary cause/reason asap (just use the list you just read through to find the issue), and then continually attack it.​

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