The almost “secret ingredient” to a highly profitable business

By April 3, 2020Marketing

Yesterday I watched probably one of my favorite movies of all time:

Kung Fu Panda.

Now, now… before you write this off as a stupid animated movie, there’s a GREAT business lesson hidden inside if you’re an expert, consultant, or coach.

The TL;DR version of the movie is this:

1) A big fat panda, Po, is “accidentally” picked to become the chosen one

2) His master, Shifu, doesn’t want to train him because Shifu believes Po was chosen by accident

3) The great master, Oogway, however, tells Shifu that “there are no accidents”

4) Shifu finally teaches Po the art of kung fu. And, eventually, Po is entrusted with the legendary “Dragon Scroll” which holds the ancient secrets to save the kingdom

5) Po opens the Dragon Scroll only to find…nothing…and realizes: “There is no secret ingredient.”

The essence is simple:

Po always had everything he needed to become “the chosen one.”

He didn’t need anything fancy.

What he actually needed was the right mentor and the right training program.

Here’s my point:

Just like Po realized that there is no secret to becoming the “chosen one.”

No matter what the Fakebook guru’s preach, there is *NO* secret “hack,” “funnel,” or “tactic” that will turn your business into a profitable one.

Of course, you *can* find new tactics, hacks, and whatever.

But, if your foundation isn’t solid (i.e., if your strategy is weak).

It won’t matter which new hack you try to install into your business.

Whether that’s Facebook hacks… webinars… Instagram… or, insert whatever new tactic the Fakebook guru’s try to shove down your throat.

Eventually, it’s only a matter of time before your business crumbles beneath its own weight.

The closest thing to a “hack” that can take you from frazzled entrepreneur to profitable business owner is learning how to write emails that sell.

The only difference is that email marketing isn’t a hack… it’s a powerful strategy.

In my opinion (which, of course, makes it a fact).

This was true in my corporate job when I sold for millions of dollars by email and online marketing.

It’s true in my own business.

And it’s true in the businesses I help.

In my very humble and (obviously) very biased opinion.

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