The insanity of “breathing oxygen” into your marketing

Recently, I walked by a yoga studio with a… I’m tempted to say stupid… let’s go with “friendly” sign out front.

It said:

“Yoga for all ages between 11 and 101 years old.”

Come on. Seriously?

That’s like saying: “Yoga for anybody who breathes oxygen.”

Now, full transparency, I have no idea about how much revenue this yoga studio pulls in.

My guess?

First option: They’re either doing *okay* since they’re located in a city with no real competition.

Or, the second and probably more likely scenario:

Second option: They’re struggling to keep the lights on.

You see this problem everywhere.

Expert and client businesses that try to way too hard to appeal to everyone.

But, alas, because they desperately want to appeal to every single person this planet… they appeal to no one.

They usually say stuff like:

“But my product/program/coaching is lifechanging. It really *CAN* help everyone.”

I’m sure it can, but that’s not going to help you sell it.

Case in point. Notice the difference between these two statements:

1) I help women between the ages of 25-45 to find love


2) I help busy, successful women between the ages of 35-40 find, catch and keep the right guy

What do you notice?

The first one is SUPER vague. What, you help women? That’s like saying you want to help people with long hair. And do you even realize the differences between what a 25-year-old woman desires versus that of a 45-year-old? They use completely different words and phrases. And they struggle with totally different things.

Contrast that with the second statement:

Here, you focus on busy, successful women. It’s a very subtle, nuanced point. Busy, successful women have certain language patterns and very specific hopes and dreams. They’re not interested in getting a ton of dates. What do they want? They want *QUALITY* dates. See the difference?

Plus, women between the ages of 35-40 have many similarities, which means you’ll be able to target those women very specifically in your marketing.

Here’s my point:

Many… actually, let me rephrase that: Almost EVERY entrepreneur struggle with this problem.

They’re terrified of narrowing down their focus on one type of client.

One type of problem.

One solution.

And, one offer.

Instead, they focus on vague generalities (like the example from before), and thus they appeal to absolutely no one.

They might get a client here and there, sure.

But that’s like running your business while riding a bike on one wheel… while you’re juggling five chainsaws… and the bike is on fire.

It’s not going to end well.

However, once you start to narrow your focus into the sharpest tip of a spear and focus on *one* specific type of client, everything will get easier.

In my very humble but accurate opinion.

If you want to learn how to do this, I’ve created a free training that shows how to create content that speaks DIRECTLY to *your* perfect customer.

Not only that.

People will love to read it and look forward to hearing from you… even if you’re selling them something.

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