The Lao Tzu philosophy to online advertising success

By April 13, 2020Marketing

“I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.”

— Lao Tzu
Ancient Chinese philosopher and writer

I love this quote by Lao Tzu.

Not simply because of the simple beauty of how true this is, but, also because of 3 powerful business lesson that’s hidden beneath its surface.

Let me show you.

1) SIMPLICITY: Your business should ooze simplicity. Not simplistic. But *simple.* For example: If you can’t explain what your business does in ONE sentence to someone who’s got no clue about what you do… it’s already too complex, Sparky. If you focus on advanced funnel stuff, before you understand your customer, you’re doing things in the wrong order. There are more examples of why your business should first and foremost be simple. But, these should give you a general idea.

2) PATIENCE: Business is a patience game. If you expect to make your first $1 million bucks within 30 days, your business is going to fail faster than Donald Trump can offend someone with a single tweet. Nuff said.

3) COMPASSION: If you don’t care about your customer’s hopes, fears, and dreams, allow me to be the bearer of bad news… You shouldn’t even be in business. The entire REASON to be in business in the first place is to make someone else’s life better. In one way or another. Big or small. The potential monetary benefit should only be a byproduct of starting a business.

Let me give you a different example:

Infotainment (which I am a big advocate for).

You are merging information with entertainment in a way to sell your products or services.

1) Infotainment is extremely simple to understand. However, it requires a lot of practice to master, and also…

2) You need patience to learn this. But, if you’re willing to learn, this skill alone can potentially double or even 5x your sales in your business.

3) As I mentioned before: You need to have compassion for the people you’re trying to help. Infotainment is an amazing way to understand and connect with your potential clients. Not only that, Skippy. It’s a fantastic way of serving your clients. Why? Because you’re giving them great value while also entertaining then. I mean, come on, let’s be honest… there’s a reason why more people go to see the Avengers vs. watching a documentary. People want to be entertained! Thus, by giving people valuable information (in a way that’s fun to read), you’re actually serving them way more than just serving them a plate of boring facts.

What? You want to learn how to do this?

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