The most unsexy business fundamentals to create a surge of new clients

Let’s talk about how me taking out the trash carries an uncanny resemblance to what people do wrong in their expert or client business.

Quick back story:

Have you ever had the experience of taking out the trash…throwing it out…going about your merry way like Frodo leaving the Shire…only to stop to think:

“Hmmmmm… did I actually throw out the trash earlier?”

Or, maybe you’ve had the same experience when locking your door?

Know what I mean?

You lock your door (AS YOU’VE DONE A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE) only to completely forget whether you had actually locked it?

Here’s my point to all this weird rambling.

According to Yahoo, 543,000 new businesses start every month.

That’s about 18,000+ per day.

And, there are probably just as many different options and resources (i.e., “gurus”) to choose from that people will either:

  1. Become totally confused about what to do and what to focus on to be successful.
  2. Completely neglect the essential fundamentals of a successful business. (I.e., understanding your customer’s hopes, fears, and dreams. And then, and only then, creating a product or service that solves an ACTUAL problem in people’s lives.)

Just like I forgot whether I had taken out the trash:

People don’t see the forest from the trees and forget what really matters in their business.

Bottom line:

The fundamentals of any successful business will never change.

It hasn’t changed for the past 100+ years.

And it won’t change in the future (at least not anytime soon).

And the brutal truth is that the fundamentals aren’t very sexy.

I mean, which option sounds more exciting?

Tinkering with website design, creating PowerPoint slides, or designing business cards…


Getting on the phone and talking to people to understand what they’re struggling with so you can create a solution to serve them.

For example:

What Gary Halbert (my favorite copywriter of all time) did back in the 1970s still applies today.

(1) Understanding your market… and… (2) Create a product to sell… and finally… (3) Write a sales letter to sell that product to said market.

Only difference today is that you wouldn’t (necessarily) sell via a print sales letter.

You would sell via email — or some other medium, the “format” is always secondary.

Which is both an art and a science.

The easiest way to write emails (or blog posts) that people love is through Infotainment.

It’s a subtle way of combining entertainment with information.

I reveal what it is and how to use it in the free training I’ve put together.

Once you master Infotainment, it’s very likely you’ll 2x your sales (and beyond) very easily.

Here’s the link to the free training for your clicking pleasure:

Kristian Thaulow