The most useful email marketing advice nobody talks about?

By March 26, 2020Marketing

Bit of back story:

Besides helping client businesses to double their sales, I’ve also worked as a personal trainer.

And, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years…

You’ve probably noticed the influx of pointless supplements health companies is trying to convince you to buy.

Nonsense, I say!

Here’s my point:

People are pouring millions (if not billions) of dollars into the supplement market.

However, the #1 best supplement people should focus on is the one supplement that almost nobody talks about.

What is this mythical supplement, you ask?

It’s simple:

A kick in the proverbial arse.

Let’s be honest. Most people know what it takes to lose weight:

  1. Consume fewer calories, and…
  2. Exercise a more

That really is the “secret” formula to success.

You see the same exact problem in business.

Specifically, when it comes to writing great emails to sell your product or service. Everybody and every marketer are talking about when you should use “fear” in your emails… or you should definitely add some “scarcity” in email #4 in your 5-day email funnel sequence… or some other nonsense like that.

Here’s the truth.

Instead of focusing on random tactics like the ones I just described, here’s what they *SHOULD* focus on:

Knowing their market better than they know themselves.

Understand their hopes, fears, and dreams.

And finally, communicate with them daily.

Use Instagram, Facebook, or whatever platform you prefer the most.

Personally, I’m all about using simple emails.

Email is still – even in 2020 – the most effective marketing channel compared to everything else out there.

Anyway, do with this information as you like.

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