The Paradox of Perfection: Why incessant perfectionism never served anyone

By April 10, 2020Mindset

Today, let’s talk about perfection… and… why it’s total B.S.

As I’m writing this, every gym around the country is closed because of Coronavirus.

Thus, my gym graciously allowed me to borrow a barbell and some weights.

Now, even if you could care less about Olympic weightlifting (shame on you, though), there’s a great business lesson to learn.

Let me explain:

The #1 mindset you should embed into your life

So, I brought home the weightlifting gear yesterday. I set everything up in my backyard. But since I was lifting on grass, my balance was F’ed up.

Let me tell you.

When you’re lifting 200 lbs from the ground and up to your neck, you want to make sure you’re standing on a stable surface.

However, here’s the underlying lesson:

Yeah, the surface sucked monkey balls…

Yeah, I couldn’t lift as much as I usually can…

Yeah, it was hard to do my normal routine…

But you know what?

I still got sh*t done.

And that’s the thing. Sometimes things aren’t perfect. You might not have ALL the information you feel you need. And that’s okay. You don’t need things to be perfect to start a business… to sell a new product… or read 10+ books before you reach out to potential clients…

All that stuff is just details.

What really matters is that you get things done.

The Paradox of Perfection: Where great results go to die

That’s the “Paradox of Perfection.”

If I had waited until I had the perfect surface… the perfect mat… the perfect whatever… I would not have started weightlifting again.

Likewise, you could also wait for that “perfect moment”:

  • You can tinker with that one email until it’s “perfect”…
  • You can fiddle with your new sales page until it’s “perfect”…
  • You can work on that awesome new blog post until it’s “perfect”…

But here’s the brutal truth: If you’re waiting for perfection, you’ll never get anything done because you can *always* make something a little bit better. A little more efficient. A little better looking.

And this is a very selfish way of doing business.


Because if you’re waiting around for “perfection,” you are — by default — holding back your knowledge, your skills, and your ability to serve others. Essentially, you are holding your clients back from achieving THEIR dreams and solving THEIR problems.

Of course, you should always strive for quality.

But, quality happens over time and after several iterations.

Bottom line?

Perfection never served anyone.

Getting things done will.

Anyway, use this mindset and way of thinking as you see fit.

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