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If you’ve ever thought about how to become a good (or a better) role model to your kids, wife, team, etc., then you’ll learn how by the end of this post…​

One of my favorite movies is the movie Green Book with Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali.​

Here’s a simple lowdown of the movie:​

“Dr. Don Shirley is a world-class African-American pianist who is about to embark on a concert tour in the Deep South in 1962. In need of a driver and protection, Shirley recruits Tony Lip, a tough-talking bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx. Despite their differences, the two men soon develop an unexpected bond while confronting racism and danger in an era of segregation.”​

These two guys literally couldn’t be more different from each other. And the amount of outside resistance they have to overcome is mind-boggling.​


The way they handle this resistance is what makes this movie exceptional and the whole point of this post…​

You cannot control outside circumstances… sometimes you have to fight against almost impossible odds… sometimes people are going to treat you like shit…​

The point is that you can NEVER control what happens to you.​

But you **can** control how you react.​

But if you want things to change, you need to change. But if you genuinely want things to change… you should never let it up to chance.​

Your focus has to be locked in on one thing and one thing only:​


^^ This? This is the only thing that matters.​

So, Who do you need to become to be the role model your kids deserve? If your actions and behaviors don’t match up with the guy you feel you should be, guess what… you gotta make some changes.​

Focus on getting just 1% better each day.​

If you improve just 1% every day, this means you’re gonna be 37x better within the next 12 months (do the math).​

One way my clients show up as their best, do hard things, and achieve their most ambitious goals faster is through a process I call “Doppelganger Design.”

It’s a simple but powerful process that unlocks the version of yourself who’s capable and deserving of reaching your goals. It’s not the usual goal-setting process you’ve seen a million times. It’s a systematic process that goes deep into creating the ultimate version of yourself that’s already inside you… it’s just waiting for you to unlock it.

If you’re interested, book a free Strategy Session with me, and you’ll discover the four main Performance Pillars designed to help you reach peak performance levels in every area of your life.

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