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“When biology and mindset are at war, biology always wins.”


You can develop an — almost — unbeatable mindset, but if you don’t have energy (there are 3 levels + 2 types of energy), that strong mindset won’t serve you OR your goals.

It is **extremely difficult** to push through resistance if you don’t have energy. I don’t care if you’ve got a bulletproof mindset… if you don’t have energy, that mindset is gonna lose the battle.

You might be so mentally strong that no matter the resistance, you’ll keep hammering… BUT

Imagine that your energy (physically, mentally & environmental) is at level zero… no matter how hard your mindset is, you’ll constantly be fighting an uphill battle.


before you focus on building an impenetrable mindset (SUPER important), focus on creating energy inside all three energy levels.

Think of Energy + Mindset like a flywheel:

  • The more you feed your three energy levels, the more your mindset grows…
  • The more your mindset grows, the easier it is to sustain energy…
  • And the cycle repeats…