Why business and dating should always be effortless

By March 23, 2020March 24th, 2020Marketing

It’s funny how many similarities there are between business and dating.

In fact, you can learn a lot about how to run a successful and profitable business by looking at the principles of the people who are successful in their dating life.

Let’s take a look at how you can use these same principles to grow your own business.

I’m going to use an example from a guy’s point of view.

But if you are a lady, you can still use what I’m about to share with you.

Anyway, here’s how most guys go about their dating life:

They meet a girl they’re SUUUPER attracted to, but, the girl isn’t really that into him. So the guy, being the clueless idiot that he is, believes he needs to try harder. If he just tries a little harder, the girl will eventually see how awesome he is and decide to go out with him.

You know, like in all the movies.

Here’s the problem.

Real-life is NOT like the movies.

It’s make-belief!

Because this dude is trying so freaking hard to force himself into this girl’s life, best case, she’ll ignore him, but, worst case, he’ll come off as a creepy stalker.

Anyway, here’s how all this relates to business (the added benefit is that I’m automatically helping you with your dating life, too):

Whatever it is your selling… whoever it is you’re helping… stop chasing clients who don’t appreciate the value that you, your service or your product brings to the table.

Yes, having a strategic system to follow up is obviously critical.

But, don’t feel bad when someone tells you “no” when you offer them the opportunity to work with you.

Instead, focus on the people who are excited about what you have to offer. They might have doubts and insecurities about saying “yes,” that’s normal. But there’s a big difference between someone that’s a little uncertain versus someone who doesn’t give a damn.

For example, I’ve been seeing this girl for around two months. She’s funny, beautiful, intelligent, and she’s genuinely excited about spending time together. Everything is so effortless with her. Why? Because *SHE* makes it effortless.

But, most guys, and especially guys, tend to project their own attraction onto a girl who’s not into them at all.

But, because they’ve seen too many movies, they believe they HAVE to win her over.

Again, they need to “try harder.”

Here’s the truth:

What they should be doing is to move on and focus on someone who would jump at the opportunity to spend time with them.

Just like when you’re talking to potential new clients.

Bottom line:

When it comes to finding new clients for your business, focus on the ones that are 1) are a good fit for what you do, and 2) show genuine excitement about the opportunity to work with you.

There are plenty of girls, and guys, for that matter, and clients who would love to work with you.

But, you have to eliminate this scarcity mindset and stop being fixated on one particular client.

If they don’t want to do business with you… who cares?

Move on.

There are plenty of clients who would LOVE to work with you.

Question is: How do you find those clients?

You do this by articulating, better than anyone else in your market, how you’re the best possible person to help them fix their problem.

You understand your clients’ hopes, fears, and dreams better than they do themselves. When you do that, you’re automatically building trust because only a genuine expert can understand all the dimensions and nuances of the particular problem that your clients are struggling with.

So, how do you articulate this better than anyone else?

One way to do this is by doing what I reveal on Pages 6-7 in my free guide, “7 Deadly Marketing Mistakes.”

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