Why silly spelling mistakes can increase your sales

By March 31, 2020Marketing

One of my biggest influences, Tony Robbins, has a saying that’s extremely relevant if you run an expert or client business:

“People tend to major in minor things.” — Tony Robbins

What does this mean?

People have a weird, gnarly tendency to focus all their attention on stuff that does very little to grow their business.

Or improve their life in general.

Case in point:

A couple of months ago, a reader wrote me a “helpful” email pointing out a spelling mistake on page 5 on a 7-page sales page.

But was this actually helpful? Not really.

Here’s why:

Yes, I did indeed make a spelling mistake on that sales page.

But, that sales page still sold regardless of the spelling mistake or not.

In fact, that spelling mistake could actually have resulted in more sales if I had bothered to test it. How? Because, when you’re selling anything through the written word (i.e., a sales page or sales letter), a simple spelling mistake can inject a human element into your writing.

Copywriting is not so much about proper grammar.

It *IS* however all about persuasion… and… about making people *FEEL* a specific emotion at a particular moment in your sales message.

The brutal truth is that the right people (your buyers) don’t care about one measly spelling mistake.

They care about your understanding of the problem they’re struggling with.

And your product should, of course, help people solve that problem.

Today, where people have more options than ever before, it’s not enough for you to talk about your product, features, and how awesome you believe it is.

Kristian’s #1 rule of marketing:

Nobody cares about your product.

They care about how that product can help them change their life.

And that’s why “Infotainment” is such a powerful strategy to use in your marketing.

Especially, in my very biased oppinion, in your email marketing.

Because when you use Infotainment, you’re actually giving people valuable information.

But you’re giving them that information in a way that makes them pay attention.

I’ve put togehter a free training where you discover my exact strategy to 2x (or even 5x) your sales by using Infotainment in your marketing.

It’s a skill that can help you write sales emails that actually convert.

And it’s a skill that can teach you how to crank out a 5-day email sales sequence in 5 hours instead of 14 days.

It has nothing to do with being a “great” writer… or… increasing your workload.

It’s actually much, much simpler than that.

If you want to learn how, click the link below, and you’ll get free instant access to the training.


P.S. Normally, I would run an article like this through a spell check and check for grammatical errors.

But, today, I just sat down and kept writing until I reached the end.

And if you’ve read up until this point, you probably didn’t care either about the few mistakes sprinkled throughout. True?