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I listened to a podcast interview recently with Todd Herman. (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely inspired by this guy.) He’s written the book, The Alter Ego Effect and he works with the elite of the elite. Think: Olympians, international sports stars, Fortune 500 execs, etc. The dude lives and breathes peak performance.

But during this interview, he used a phrase that literally made things “click” for me in a whole new way.

He said: “The word potential is the word the average performer use to excuse away their results.”

Wow… This right here? 100% true.

Great performers focus on reaching their full potential.

The elite focus on marginal improvements over time.

Your goal isn’t to reach your full potential. Who knows what the hell that even is? What if you’d already reached it? Then what?

Your goal is MARGINAL IMPROVEMENTS. Even just 1% every day for 12 months is gonna make you 37x better than when you started.

My clients focus intensely on those marginal improvements inside my Be More Become Great workshop because this is how you LEAD & WIN.

Once you’re on the inside, you’ll learn how to show up at your best, do hard things, and gain clarity on your next best move. In a nutshell: You’ll learn how to achieve your most ambitious goals faster without the burnout.

If you feel like your results don’t match your hard work, I want to talk to you THIS WEEK.

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