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A couple of years ago, I was stressed AF.

Think: literally waking up in the middle of the night, bathed in sweat, heart beating so fast that you might think I’d just downed 45 Red Bulls five minutes earlier, kind of stress.

In the wise words of Alex Hormozi: This was No Bueno.

As an entrepreneur building your business, it’s easy to forget how critical it is to manage our health.


Energy vs. Stress.

And we usually only start to fix it once our health has turned to sh#t.


If you’re struggling with stress, I actually want you to reframe its meaning…

Yes, stress can be extremely unhealthy… but only if you do not MANAGE it.

Here’s a writer downer:

  • Recovery gives you stamina.
  • Stress gives you drive.

Stress, in just the right amount, actually propels you forward. You NEED some amount of pressure to reach your most ambitious goals.

But it’s imperative that you balance it with proper recovery.

There’s a reason professional athletes plan strategic recovery periods into their training. The recovery is just as important as their actual skillset.

If professional athletes do this… why shouldn’t you?

If you want some ideas on how to optimize your energy so you can produce bigger and more ambitious results, let’s talk.

Book a free Strategy Session, and let’s map out a 12-month plan to 2-4x your life & business.

And before you reach for your pitchfork:

This is not a sales call. If you want to learn how it looks like as a client, we can talk about that, sure. But only if you’re actually a good fit. (And I’m ruthless about my screening process, lol).

Here’s the link to schedule your free session >>

To your success.